Modem for Voice and Data

  • Weight: 66 g
  • Dimensions: 84 x 67 x 24,7 mm
  • Receiver class A
  • GPS available in 380-430 MHz
  • GNSS available in 800 MHz
  • Versatile interfaces
Frequency band:
  • RC-47:
    • 380 - 400 MHz
    • 406 - 430 MHz
  • RC-41:
    • 806 - 825 MHz
    • 851 - 870 MHz

The TW1m is an advanced TETRA modem for voice and data. It is designed for solutions that require high availability, extreme security and low energy consumption. TW1m is optimal for mission and business critical IoT applications.

TW1m modem has commercially available connectors, for example with data RS232 or USB interfaces which allow the integrator to use their preferred method of connectivity and wiring. This enables integrating the modem into many different solutions, like supervisory systems, voice applications, SCADA, custom telemetry and position tracking.